The time will come, when you will have to rise,
Above the best, to prove yourself,
Your spirit never dies

hella-rad-otps:I didn't mean to send you that prompt oops but I mean #YOLOSWEGZ No but for real tho Petna AU where you're a princess and he's a thief and when your guards finally catch him you'll be like "cute butt lives"

Slushy wants to write this so give her a bit and she will c:

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hella-rad-otps:Petna AU where everything is the same but Peter wears dresses bc pants are lame

Oh my god
I just told Slushy this cuz I’m skyping her and were dying XD she wants someone to write this please

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So I was watching smd and….



*breathes in deeply* Ah, October. The sweet smell of the Skeleton Clique rising from the grave

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Its officially been two months with mcpeterism and it feels like so much longer. This boy means so much to me and I’m honored that, out of any girl in the world, he chose some 16 year old who’s obsessed with youtubers and bands. But I’m happy he did. I love you so much Peter. Here’s to more months, years, and maybe decades together <3

October 1 | 5:47 | 13♥

So today in drama we had a minute left and I was like “what do we do” and no one knew what to do so I just randomly shouted “reenactment of five nights at Freddy’s go!” And this one girl jumps up and yells “IM CHICA” and I was like “IM FOXY” and we both started rawring at people and this other person was like “OKAY WHO FORGOT TO CHECK PIRATE COVE”
Everyone else just thought we were insane :P

October 1 | 5:34 | 37♥


Friend: Have you heard of twenty one pilots?




At least she’s trying.

This is just an excuse to draw cutesy Weiss and use stupid puns bite me. Yang probably has another trap card and she’s just letting Weiss gloat for a bit. 

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